The effects of high temperature level on electrolytes and glucose concentration in tench (Tinca tinca Linnaeus, 1758) serum


  • Damir Suljević
  • Erna Islamagić
  • Muhamed Fočak


blood serum, electrolyte concentration, glucose concentration, tench, thermal stress


Although tench prefer environments with plenty of aquatic vegetation and they can tolerate quite low oxygen level, also they are sensitive to drastic temperature increase. In this research, biochemical parameters in the serum of tench (Tinca tinca Linnaeus, 1758) during thermal stress were analyzed in controlled environmental conditions. Both the control and experimental group consisted of 25 specimens. The experimental group of fish was exposed to water at 28 ◦C for 30 minutes. Puncture of the heart was done and the blood serum was analyzed. Statistical data analysis showed that thermal stress led to increased concentration of mineral electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride ions) and increased concentration of glucose. The significant increase was only detected regarding the concentration of calcium in blood serum.






Research Article (peer review)