Total varroa found on adults and brood of honey bees (Apis mellifera c.) after „radical“ diagnostic procedure


  • Tarik Bajrović
  • Lejla Velić
  • Toni Eterović
  • Vladimir Obrenović


Varroa, honey bee, brood, larva


Over 7 months of the year 2011, 7 LR type beehives were euthanized in order to count all the members of the community including the varroa mites (V. destructor). Next to 48.431 worker bees counted in all tested colonies, 3.492 or 7,2% varroa mites were found, while 1117 varroa mites were counted in the total number of larva found in all beehives. In January, the varoa mites were found on the floor coverings, and only one on the bees. In March, April and August the varroa were found on the adult bees, and only in August on the bees, bee larva and drones. Total varroa infestation of the drones was 346,4%, and of larva 10,3%. The aim of this study is to euthanize the bee colony in order to record every varroa mite found in it, and thus determine the absolute varroa number, its seasonal distribution and precise time for therapy.






Research Article (peer review)