Clinical efficiency of apitherapy in treatment of udder wounds in holstein-friesian cows


  • Benjamin Čengić
  • Nazif Varatanović
  • Tarik Mutevelić
  • Ahmed Smajlović
  • Behija Dukić
  • Amel Ćutuk
  • aldin Ćosović
  • Azur Paprikić


infected wound, “Apimelem”, antimicrobic activity, udder, cow


Honey, pollen and propolis have been used since the ancient times in the treatment of infected wounds. These substances express antimicrobial activity even
against microorganisms resistant to conventional antibiotics and antiseptics. The goal of the research is to answer the question of whether these substances could help in healing of the udder wounds under the real field conditions. Substances subject to research were mixed in a remedy, which was applied
directly into the udder wounds once daily. The wounds were treated with “Apimelem” during May and June, 2012. “Apimelem” applied into the udder wounds gave good results in elimination of infection, prevention of reinfection and faster tissue healing. Prepared “Apimelem” proved efficient, nontoxic and financially affordable, this is especially important for poor or natural disaster- affected areas.






Research Article (peer review)