Veterinary legislation between the provincial Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo and the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia


  • Petar Džaja
  • Krešimir Severin
  • Edin Šatrović
  • Lejla Krkalić


Provincial Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia, by-laws, trade, animals


This paper does not include all of the legislation on animal and animal products trade on force between the Provincial Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina
and the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia. It, however, includes some by-laws on this kind of trade. Although some advertisements and orders date back more than a hundred years, their provisions remain valid today, especially those on the obligatory registration and reporting on the breakout of certain infectious diseases between the neighboring countries, and also the expertly examination of animals and animal products at border crossings. It is also not difficult to conclude that the countries in question cooperated well protecting their livestock by implementing periodic bans on importation of animals and animal products. Animals that were subject to export and import had to be healthy. Their health conditions had to be certified by a veterinary, and they also had to originate from infectious diseases-free areas. Animal products must have originated from the healthy animals subjected to the examination before and after the slaughter.






From history of veterinary medicine