Alternative methods for vasopuncturing in veterinary medicine: artificial rabbit ear


  • Merim Tabaković
  • Aida Omanović



anatomical models, rabbit ear, silicone models, vasopuncture


Veterinary students often learn to perform basic procedures on
live animals obtained from laboratories or shelters. In the era
of modern technologies, there is a constant endeavour for live
animals to be replaced by alternative, artificial models. Practicing
on different anatomical models contributes to better quality of
students’ future approach to animals in practice. For purposes of
this study, many experiments with various materials were made
until solution to cheaper, but efficient method of alternative
learning, was found. We created the artificial rabbit ear with the
purposes of practicing and mastering vasopuncturing technique
from both marginal ear vein and central ear artery. Made out of
silicone materials, it gives elasticity and softness closest to the
ear auricle, and blood vessels are replaced by inner tubes filled
with artificial color. The model represents anatomically correct
features of European brown hare’s ear (Lepus europaeus) with
dual purpose, since the accent is put on correct and, of course,
humane learning.






Research Article (peer review)